domingo, 22 de julio de 2012

Aspartame MSG and Mercury vaccines

Aspartame is a poison, used to reduce your mental capacity.  It is an INSECTICIDE usurping the place of sugar, of a sweetener.  It is 200 times sweeter than sugar.
MSG is Mono Sodium Glutamate a flavor enhancer that has been in every processed food since the 60's. It reduces the mental capacity of the Brain.

FLU Vaccines also may have harmfull mercury preservative.
Avoid the Anti-Papiloma vaccines, they have a Mercury component to suppossedly preservate the vaccine. The Thimerosal (also known as Thiomersal) is neurotoxic. Causes Autism, Seizures, Sterility and Brain Paralisis.  It is illegal, do not accep it.
The elite has to do this things because they can't fool you without reducing your mental capacity, their lies are so absurd, and their scams so childish that you won't believe them if you are not dumb down by this toxins.

martes, 10 de noviembre de 2009

LONDON 2012 FAKE Alien ATTACK, August 9

There is never gonna be a New World Order, because it would be so stupid to centralize the power when everything is already under the control of little group of maniacs who pose as satanists.  FAKE ALIEN ATTACK in LONDON 2012 on August 9. During the Olympic Games in London, The Elite in control of THE SYSTEM,they will fake an Alien Attack.  They dissapeared RIK CLAY because he discovered that they would stage an FALSE Alien Terrorist Attack during the Olympic Games in London.  August 9 is the most probable date. ZION = 2012 in the Logo, check carefully, the last symbol is not another 2 but an N.  This Elite is just mad people, they have been deceived with this symbols crap and they just fall for it.

17,000 rookie soldiers, they barely speak english, but will be guarding the streets of London to make a perfect CHAOS, a fake attack, panic among the civilians and the military as well.

A fake Catastrophy, a fake Terrorist Attack, or fake Alien Attack.  The most absurd is the most convenient to prepare people to accept the promotion of a Globla Government.  The Government are Controlled by the monarchies!

The Crown and the suppossed Democratic Government are part of the Secret Societies under control of Demented Occultists and Jesuits, a little group who claim they are hybrids of Evil Aliens and Celestial Aliens.  Just like any of us. We are also Hybrids, with the same rights that anybody else.
Nibiru is a LIE,  A planet is not gonna crash the Earth, that's what they dream to make you believe.
Global Warming is a LIE
. That is a Fact.   The real experts took the time to make a Video Documentary to prove you this is a total scam.  So yes, that means: Al Gore is a thief, and the Swedish Occultists gave the Nobel Prize and the money to a brother of a Secret Society.  They are all corrupted, that's no secret.
They hope to STAGE a ALIEN Apocalypse, Democracy is a big lie.

This ELITE of DEMENTED OCCULTISTs are formed by Military, Science Men, Politicians, Bankers, Actors, Celebrities, Pseudo Jews, Pseudo Nobles MASONS and more secret societies.
We don't need a Global Government when everything is already controlled!
New World Order is a very stupid choice.

En los próximos artículos hablaremos sobre las razones por las que deberias evitar corromperte como las modelos y celebridades que se les exige por la "Sociedad Secreta" que manipula la industria del entretenimiento que lo hagan como condición para apoyar su carrera. ¿Porqué ocurre esto? Más adelante te revelaremos por quiénes están manipulados los Medios de Comunicación.